Biological Toxins


We offer biological toxins of many types and subtypes ex stock. Various purities of these toxins can be produced as lab reagent according to your specifications.

Toxin Analyses

We can integrate and combine a variety of analytic methods depending on what is needed. In addition to the most commonly used immuno-chemical or gene-based methods we also offer functional tests like the mouse phrenic nerve or cell culture assays.

Contract Manufacturing and Collaboration

Batch sizes up to 30 L can be run for a variety of biological toxins in our production lab. This includes down-stream processing of cultures by precipitation, filtration and chromatography. In-process and product controls are well established. New analytical methods or production processes can be developed according to your specifications.

Contract Manufacturing and Collaboration

Be it produced in microbiological culture or purified from plants and other raw materials.
Our equipment allows us to produce and further process or subsequently purify a variety of different toxins (Upstream and downstream processing). 
In the fermenter, we can produce cultures up to a maximum of 30 L in one batch and subsequently process them further in the downstream.
For this process we have established a plethora of methods for filtration and chromatographic purification. But we can also develop a new method in cooperation with you and according to your specifications. This also applies to the required analytical procedures whether it should be an immunochemical assay or tested in cell culture.

Are you interested in a cooperation to develop a toxin as a biopharmaceutical and bring it to market?
We have experience in production, purification, analysis, but also in regulatory issues in this context.

You benefit from

  • our many years of experience as well as successful market implementation,
  • a large number of different biological starting materials and
  • an established network of development and production partners from universities, companies and consulting.


We run immuno-chemical, physical and biological methods for characterisation, quantification and potency testing of toxins and antitoxins/antibodies.
We kindly ask you to contact us to jointly identify which method or which combination of methods would be the most suitable approach for your needs.

Our methods at a glance:

  • immuno-chemical tests (e.g, ELISA, Lateral flow assay)
  • combined assays (e.g. Endopeptidase assay)
  • Hemidiaphragm/mouse phrenic nerve assay for potency testing of Botulinum neurotoxins or antibody testing (e.g. from serum samples)
  • Toxin typing by antibodies
  • Identification and typing of toxigenic bacteria by PCR
  • Sequencing of toxin genes for typing and subtyping
  • Cytotoxicity tests (e.g. C. perfringens toxins)
  • Cell culture models (e.g. for Botulinum neurotoxins)


Botulinum neurotoxin type A1 with a molecular mass of 150, type E3 complex, inactivated toxins or Tetanus neurotoxin. We have various toxin types and purities as lab reagents available ex stock.
Our bacterial strain collection includes many types and subtypes of Clostridium botulinum, Clostridium tetani, Clostridium perfringens and many more. Shouldn’t you find what you are looking for in our catalogue, we will be happy to produce and purify it exclusively for you.


Mostly available ex stock

Clostridium botulinum
neurotoxin (150)

Types A1-A3
Types B1, B3
Type C1

Clostridium botulinum neurotoxin (complex)
Types A1-A3
Types B1, B3
Type C1
Type D
Type E1

Clostridium botulinum neurotoxin (mosaic toxins)
Type A2/B2

Clostridium botulinum
(Culture supernatants, partially purified by filtration)
Types A1-A3
Types B1
Type E1
Type F
Type G

Clostridium tetani (150)