Rapid Tests


Rapid test for the detection of biological warfare agents – protection by early detection!

miPROTECT® rapid test for military, police, fire departments, and civil defense

Contract Manufacturing

You have already developed a rapid test, the protocols are established and now you are looking for a competent partner with the appropriate infrastructure, standardized processes and the corresponding ISO 13485 compliant QM system for the production of your rapid test?  

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From the idea to product – no matter if you start from scratch or have already a prototype at hand. We can support you throughout the development process including regulatory compliance. And always to the extent needed by you.


From the idea to prototype, to production and market launch.
With our many years of experience in managing development projects, we define the phases with you, set-up the project plan and move forward in the product development.

Our know-how and experience in development projects ensures a regulatory compliant process and quick launch of your product. We would be happy to support your business

Contract Manufacturing

If you have already successfully moved from the development stage to the feasibility study of your test and the production protocols are established, then you have come to the right place for the production your rapid test.

As a Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO) with many years of know-how in development & production, with our infrastructure and our quality management system according to ISO 13485, we would be happy to support you as your partner in production (reference: Pylori DuoTect®). Together with you and our R&D department, production and risk management team, we plan the phases from technology transfer to manufacturing of a prototype to the established production processes including SOPs and process validation. We look forward to your inquiry and to discussing your product and your requirements with us - please contact us!

miPROTECT® Rapid Tests

The rapid test is based on a conventional immunochromatographic reaction - the biological warfare agent to be detected is bound to a specific immobilized antibody on the rapid test via an antibody-antigen reaction. By using gold colloids, the test can be directly and easily read by the naked eye within a few minutes.

Product benefits

  • Rapid and easy to use
  • Easy and rapid sampling with a sampling device especially designed for on-site detection
  • Test cassette designed for the use with protective gloves
  • Reliable and rapid result within a few minutes
  • Read-out with the naked eye
  • Semi-quantitative test results with robust miprolab reader (not necessary for qualitative read-out)

Rapid Tests – Toxins

miPROTECT® Ricin (Cat. No. 211)
miPROTECT® SEB (Cat. No. 212)
miPROTECT® Botulinum A (Cat. No. 213)
miPROTECT® Botulinum B (Cat. No. 216)
miPROTECT® Botulinum A/B  (Cat. No. 217, Duplex)

Rapid Tests – Bacteria & Viruses

miPROTECT® Plague (Cat. No. 221)
miPROTECT® Tularemia (Cat. No. 222)
miPROTECT® Anthrax (Cat. No. 223)
miPROTECT® Pox (Cat. No. 231)

Rapid Tests - Training Tests

miPROTECT® Demo-Test (Cat. No. 219)
miPROTECT® Simili (Cat. No. 210) OVA

Sampling Devices

Sampling device A (Cat. No. 251)
Sampling device B (Cat. No. 252)

The development of the rapid tests was done on behalf of and in cooperation with the Swiss Army, the Spiez Laboratory as well as the German Armed Forces and the NBC Protection unit, Munster.

If you have any questions or would like to have further information - we look forward to hearing from you.